Building bridges together

Pont Bleu communication (Toulouse) and Blue Bridge media solutions (London) provide tailor-made, modular communication services for brand strategy, marketing, presentations, publishing or media, we intervene in the manner that suits you best.

That’s our idea of Communication by design

& Strategy

Pont Bleu will help you position yourself by defining your communication strategy according to your objectives.

Before we cross the communication bridge together we need to understand where our starting point is. Where you wish to go depends a lot on where you currently are. Pont Bleu establishes your current situation. How and to whom you are communicating. What messages you are sending them. And lastly, we evaluate your company’s capacity to take on board changes.

We then use research and insight to develop a creative strategy that will help you achieve your goals, build your brand, sell more stuff, and keep potential clients up to speed with your exciting offers. We spend our days crafting big ideas with messages that persuade and engage. As creative as our ideas are, we always keep our feet on the ground. Whatever we design must target the aims set out in the strategy. Luckily that’s what we’re experts at.

& Branding

Pont Bleu improves your business efficiency by working on your branding and your commercial media.

We love crafting effective and engaging design that packs a punch. Beautiful, smart and witty, we’ll work with you to build your brand in line with your creative strategy. No stone is left unturned. We design across print and digital design, signage, motion graphics, exhibition stands, point-of-sale, packaging and everything in between.

& campaigns

Pont Bleu supports your expansion by carrying out targeted cross-media promotional activities (print-web-event).

We have printed literally thousands of different documents  over the years and fully understand the multitude of techniques and technical constraints that each type of print production requires. Rest assured that before we start designing for print, we have foreseen the finished work and know how to get there.

We’re specialists in creating digital presences for mobile, tablet and desktop. Crafting beautifully designed and fully functional sites, we fill them with engaging content and build elegant multi-platform code that ensures your site can grow and adapt as you do. We’ll work with you to drive traffic to your site through SEO, digital marketing, creative content and campaigns.

Event design coaching

We help you design and structure your projected media in the most meaningful way for your audience, adding impact to your speech for a lasting positive impression.

Pont Bleu coaches speakers to produce meaningful, entertaining, informative and effective visual support for spoken presentations.

By auto-analysis we show you how to take a complex idea and reduce it to a simple, powerful message. With a whole toolbox of design tips and tricks to master audience behaviour you will keep them attentive to every word from beginning to end. And, as an event is the sum of its parts, not only will we create impact for each speaker but by coordinating all speakers, the combined visual effect remains a brand-coherent memorable experience.


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