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Communication by design


Every company has their own take on how to handle Communication.

Some are happiest when it’s all in-house,
while others prefer to subcontract everything to experts.


Pont Bleu has a very practical approach,

intervening in the manner that suits you best.


That’s our idea of Communication by design.




Consulting is the smart way to quickly acquire a maximum amount of useful business information.

You buy expert knowledge to achieve defined objectives, benefitting from years of experience
for the price of a few days.

This process, widely used by large enterprises,
is also valid in the field of communication
and marketing.


Pont Bleu’s intervention involves three areas:
pre-study, on-site analysis and off-site reporting.


These three steps reveal:


the perception of your image


consistency of your messages


the effectiveness of your communication


your ability to change


orientations to privilege



Fast-track your communication
with Pont Bleu consulting.



Along with our communications consulting
and design coaching, we also offer the ‘traditional' full communication agency service: analysis, strategy, creative work and production monitoring.


Pont Blue cannot be described as sensational
or deliriously creative, but we won’t disappoint you.

Our particular way of working can only be described as pragmatic.


We do not create art for art’s sake.
Design is tailored to your company and the expectations of its clients, each communication is a deliberate action that serves a purpose.


All messages must be readable, accessible, understandable, attractive and compelling.

We don’t settle for less.


If you wish to become one of our fully satisfied customers with functional and effective communication, please contact us.



That's it, you’ve made the decision:
your design will henceforth be done in-house. Congratulations, we're here to assist you.


Communication is a job that anyone can do.
You have the right to call yourself a graphic designer or director of communication without
the slightest experience or know-how.


The only drawback is that the future of your company may depend on it.


Hence the importance of being guided by experts.


A coach by your side guarantees a rational
and effective approach. Good design reflexes
set in quicker when you are well oriented.


Our approach is to create the right conditions
for your potential to emerge.


Contact us to get a design coach in your business

Special Conference Coaching Pack


Most of us dread a presentation in front of hundreds of customers and employees.

And yet, if you pull it off well, it will boost your company and your career.


Pont Bleu offers a coaching pack to overcome your fears by putting all the tools in place for a flawless, successful presentation.


We focus on the relevance of your messages, and will accompany you in improving your fluency on stage by refining your speech

 and body language.


Your slides will be harmonized and optimised so that the image you project lives up to the quality of your speech.


Strategy & Ideas


We use research and insight to develop a creative strategy
that will help you achieve your goals, build your brand, sell more stuff, and keep potential clients up to speed with your exciting offers. We spend our days crafting big ideas with messages
that persuade and engage.

As creative as our ideas are, we always keep our feet
on the ground. Whatever we design must target the aims set out in the strategy. Luckily that's what we're experts at.



Before we cross the communication bridge together we need
to understand where our starting point is.


Where you wish to go depends a lot on where you currently are.

Pont Bleu establishes your current situation.

How and to whom you are communicating. What messages
you are sending them. And lastly, we evaluate your company's capacity to take on board changes.



Words are very important. We have native French and English copywriters that write informed, intelligent, creative text
 for web or for print. We do serious. We do fun. It can be long
or short, factual or fictitious, cold-technical-informative
to warm-human-engaging, wham-bam impact to emotive persuasion. However you want to sound we'll bend words
 to your will.


Design & Brand Building


We love crafting effective and engaging design that packs
a punch. Beautiful, smart and witty, we'll work with you to build your brand in line with your creative strategy.

No stone is left unturned. We design across print and digital design, signage, motion graphics, exhibition stands,
point-of-sale, packaging and everything in between.

Digital Design & Development


We're specialists in creating digital presences for mobile, tablet and desktop. Crafting beautifully designed and fully functional sites, we fill them with engaging content and build elegant multi-platform code that ensures your site can grow and adapt as you do. We'll work with you to drive traffic to your site through SEO, digital marketing, creative content and campaigns.


Print Design & Production


We have printed literally thousands of different documents
over the years and fully understand the multitude of techniques and technical constraints that each type of print
production requires.

Rest assured that before we start designing for print, we have foreseen the finished work and know how to get there.


Taking Care of Business


Pont Bleu has years of experience in getting things done

on time and on budget.


Our network includes the most talented designers, developers, photographers, writers, and digital marketing folk.

Our ability to smoothly coordinate them is due to having

an in-depth knowledge of their needs and their ways

of working.

Powerpoint Consulting


A "well done" presentation (in content and design) is essential for the identity of your business. It has to be compelling, effective and perfectly aligned with your company’s graphic guidelines. Projected at an event where customers and prospects come together, it will harmonize with other presentations to achieve a true graphical consistency
within your event.

Note that you'll have trouble finding this type of service elsewhere than Pont Bleu!


Pont Bleu has a wide experience in communication for the aeronautical industry.

Manufacturing, internal communication, maintenance and overhaul, support services, training, airlines, business jets... the list is long!

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